Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Play-based Philosophy

Our goal at ECPC is to provide a happy, safe, and supportive environment that contributes to the development of the whole child.   Each child is a unique individual, with different physical, social, emotional, and intellectual skills.  We believe children learn best through self-directed play, and we provide a variety of experiences to suit the varied needs of growing children.  The teachers and participators at ECPC support our children as they learn to be part of a larger peer group and greater school community.

At the heart of our work with children is our belief in supporting children’s emotional and social development.  We accomplish this through extensive work with children on solving problems, first with adult support and eventually with children negotiating and problem-solving independently.  We model, guide, and offer compassionate assistance to children as they learn to work through their conflicts.  We encourage listening and self-expression, and we help children practice the important skill of self-regulation.

IMG_0101Our teachers carefully consider activities that will engage interest, stimulate curiosity, and encourage experimentation.  Our projects are open-ended, with an expectation that children will use materials in divergent and creative ways.  We also believe in the physical classroom environment as integral to the play experience, and we purposefully design and plan our indoor and outdoor spaces so that children may flow in their play and be self-sufficient.  ECPC children are encouraged to make their own choices during our play time, and we empower children to work in an area of interest for as long as they want.

The adult participators at ECPC play a vital role in our school.  Our participators help to arrange the environment, manage materials, and assist with social interactions.  We come together each day to collaboratively support our children in their play—to value their ideas, to listen to them, and to love our children as a community.  In addition, ECPC members care for our school through completing family jobs, during school maintenance parties, and in decision making and planning at our monthly membership meetings.  Our goal is to build a strong adult community that supports diverse families and children through their journey at ECPC.