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Now Touring for Fall 2020 and 2021!

Date: November 13, 2019 Author: ecpcblogger Categories: Enrollment, News

If you are interested in learning more about our play-based cooperative, come take a tour! Tours will be given from October through January (and as needed) and enrollment begins in January 2020 for the Fall of 2020.

Email admin@ecpckids.com or call (510) 526-1916 with any questions and to schedule a tour.

We’re re-opening ECPC in September 2020 with a modified outdoor schedule and we have a FEW SPACES LEFT! The safety of children, staff, and families is always our primary priority, and especially so during the pandemic. We’ll be using the following health and safety guidelines:

  • All classes will be held outdoors only
  • All pods will be limited to 12 students with 2 teachers (and no parent participation during the pandemic) with no cross-contamination of materials between pods
  • Children and teachers will have their temperatures checked and will wash hands upon arrival
  • ECPC will be following extensive daily cleaning protocols and thorough hand-washing
  • All staff members will wear face masks or shields at all times

During the pandemic, ECPC will be operating on a limited schedule with the following options:

  • AM Pod 1 (12 students): M/T/W 8:30am – 12pm
  • AM Pod 2 (12 students): Th/F 8:30 – 12pm
  • PM Pod 3 (12 students): M/T/W 1pm -4:30pm
  • PM Pod 4 (12 students): Th/F 1pm -4:30pm

Hear what ECPC parents and alumni have to say about their experiences on Yelp, Berkeley Parents Network, and Nextdoor:

On Choosing a Preschool:

I was very VERY overwhelmed by the process of selecting a preschool for my 3 year old daughter. She had never been cared for by anyone other than myself and my mother, let alone experience in a day care setting. I have to admit that I ended up taking the path of least resistance, and sent her to the preschool where my best friend’s son had started just a few months earlier. 

Luckily, this was a GREAT choice. The first few times we visited ECPC, for awesome annual events like Messy Art Day, and later for our enrollment tour, she cried every time we had to leave. Once she started school, she jumped in without missing a beat–her transition was so smooth I could not believe it. She loves going to school.  – Kate L.

On the Co-op Life:

 It sounds like a lot at first, but it is a truly gift to your child to work at the school. You get to see them play, watch the dynamic of the teachers, the daily activities, get to know the other children and parents. Aside from the 1/week participation, you have 1 monthly meeting and a family job that you can choose according to your availability. It is so empowering to really know the school and everyone involved in it. It gives a sense of security to us parents and to our kids too. – V.P.

On a Play-Based Philosophy:

 I didn’t know much about the play-based philosophy prior to signing up, but it has proven to be a perfect fit for our children. There is a certain tone of warmness, community, and openness that is very appealing. Kids are free to constantly play and explore according to their own instincts and desires. Since it’s a co-op parents are expected to contribute quite a bit, but it has been an honor to have been there, participating once a week, so that I may witness the growth, play, and fun. Highly recommended! – Suzan S.

 Some parents are iffy about sending their kid to a hippy, play only based school, but really if you understood the logic behind it then play based is as educational as Montessori or traditional.  It all really depends on your child.  For us, I feel like they will end up learning and now is the time to let them play and learn that way instead of sticking them in front of a book and desk. – Esther

The play based curriculum has allowed my son to grow in ways that were unimaginable at his former school, a montessori. From the gigantic sandbox to the huge structure in the tan bark to a new art project or two everyday to the games room to loft room, the physical infrastructure is second to none. The teachers are world class. Every morning my son runs through the gate a smile bursts on his face as he is ready to play and learn. The community that is fostered through parent participation and the co-op style is an experience that I wish every family could have. Not only has my child grown, but I have grown as a parent. I cannot wait to send my younger daughter to ECPC. – Jacob M.


On the Teachers:

PM teachers Nga and Jenny are wonderful, committed educators who have build a supportive learning environment where children are free to play and explore as they choose. Nga and Jenny also make all the parent participators feel valued and a part of the team. I am so very satisfied with my child’s preschool experience. I recommend a taking to tour to anyone who is remotely curious about ECPC and our co-op model. –  Kate L.

Incredible teachers that you’ll love because of how much they love your kids. Magic. – Tim C.

Our twins are in the afternoon program, and their teachers are Nga and Jenny. I don’t know how these ladies do it, but they both have the unique talent of connecting personally with parents and kids in a way that makes you feel like you’re family. They know each kid in the program as if they were their own, and they understand what each child needs in order to thrive at the school. No kid is pushed into doing anything that they are not ready for. They are allowed to play with others, or play independently, and explore their surroundings in whichever way is most comfortable for them. Through their gentle, caring and patient approach, Nga and Jenny helped our children to come out of their shells, start talking more and sharing their passions with the teachers and parents. Within a few months our kids were starting to make friends and not rely on each other as much in play. Now at the end of the year they have so many new friends. We all adore Nga and Jenny, and can’t thank them enough for everything they do for ECPC.  – Dana L.


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