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ECPC holds first Grandparents Day

Date: March 9, 2015 Author: ecpcblogger Categories: Events, News

In February, ECPC held our first Grandparents & Special Friends Day. For an hour during the morning program and an hour during the afternoon program, the children welcomed their grandparents or other special friends and got to show off their school.


Kids and grandparents/friends played and sat down together for a group time, with readings of the stories, “How to Babysit a Grandpa” and “How to Babysit a Grandma.” The visitors also enjoyed a grownup snack and posed for family pictures.

The kids loved showing their grandparents around and the parents loved seeing three generations of the ECPC community gathering together. (Kids whose grandparents or special friends couldn’t participate were invited to bring photos or letters from them.)

Among comments from parents about the event:

“Incredibly heartwarming”
“Super special”
“How fun was it to see family resemblances?!”

Come on, co-op — let’s make this an annual tradition! IMG_8228


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