Parent Involvement

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Parent Involvement

Basic obligations of co-op families are:

A parent or guardian must participate one day per week for each child enrolled in the preschool. You are responsible for arriving on time, supervising and cleaning up your assigned area, and then attending a brief “end of the day” meeting with the teachers. Participating parents bring snack once every 6 weeks. In addition to working once a week, they are also “on-call” one day a month.

Family Jobs/Board Position
All families are required to hold an administrative position. These jobs vary but the average time commitment is 30 hours a year. Some administrative jobs, such as board chairs and committee positions, have more responsibilities.

DG_AMMembership Meetings

At least one family member must attend the monthly membership meeting, held evenings, the first Wednesday of every month.

Maintenance Work Party
At least one family member is required to attend a weekend work party three times during the school year.

Each family is required to raise $175 for the school by participating in fund-raisers held through out the school year.

Community Building Hours
Each family is required to contribute at least 4 hours of their time at ECPC community-building and promotional activities held throughout the year. The minimum requirement for families with two enrolled children is 6 hours.